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Monday you can fall apart. Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart. Oh, Thursday doesn't even start… it’s Friday I’m in love. Especially because the latest #FreshFriday has all the goods we need to start the weekend. Foodies At Heart (The Everygirl)

It’s 2018 and everyone is at the top of their game (for now). A new year brings new trends, including for food. Seven food trends that you can expect to see this year include plant-based diets, incorporating more ethnic flavors such as Middle Eastern and African into our foods and ‘root to stem’ eating to reduce food waste. Also, Mediterranean diets will continue as well as an even bigger influx of meal/food delivery, medicinal food and, our personal favorite, intermittent fasting. What trend will you get behind?

Aspire To Inspire (Well+Good)

In our previous #FreshFriday you learned that supplements would be making a splash in also the wellness world. Now, the iconic beauty brand Avon has just launched a new line supplements called  Espira.The company spent 18 months researching plant-based ingredients to include in the line where you’ll find  three different types all meant to boost complexion, aid gut health and help you to relax. Order your first dose here.

Travel Tip (SELF)

We all know that traveling causes dry skin, bloating and leaves us feeling less than our best selves. However, airport fitness studios are launching all over the world starting in Dubai, Munich, Singapore and England. FlyFit has partnered with these airports to bring instructor lead classes on strength, yoga and cardio. No need to pack gym clothes either as there will be rental workout clothing (questionable), showers and healthy food options on site in each facility. Fingers crossed LAX and JFK are next.

Viva Las Vegas (MindBodyGreen)

The tech industry has its eyes on wellness. on. This week at CES health companies debuted the newest innovations focused on revolutionizing health care. Some products include focusing on health care accessibility such as apps that would connect users with their practitioners and specialists in LA + NYC. There are even products such as toothbrushes, breast pumps, and UV trackers all designed to increase one’s health. Our favorite item on the tradeshow list is Peleton’s newest endeavor, a tech-enabled treadmill which we have a feeling will do as well as their bike.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover