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#FreshFriday // July 28

Happy Friday! Team clover is literally spread all over the country this week but we all still have one thing on our mind... #SummerVibes. Check out the latest #FreshFriday for our favorite health and wellness reads this week. Pretty In Pink (Well+Good)

We can’t get enough of this Millennial Pink trend and Nike just hopped on board by launching an entire collection in the chrome blush tone.Twenty-three pieces were crafted with dreamy hues including sneakers, sports bras, shorts and tanks. The color brings with it a history of dance, ballet and a more sophisticated vibe that looks universally great on anyone. It’s safe to say Millennial Pink is here to stay.  

Cold Broo (SELF)

Trader Joe’s does it once again with the release of dairy-free Organic Cold Brew Mocha Nut Lattes. They debuted on the company's Instagram account with a detailed description of the ingredients including organic cocoa powder and organic cold-milled, cashew and almond-based (milk replacement) along with organic dates, vanilla, cinnamon and pink Himalayan salt for added flavor. The drink is 12 ounces and contains 5 grams of protein and 180 calories of perfection.

New Message (Wired)

We all know what it’s like to have our phone constantly going off and lighting up with new notifications from different apps - especially in PR - but is it really good for us? Notifications were originally designed to stop us from constantly checking our phones but have had an opposite effect becoming a huge distraction. A study showed that people check their phone anywhere from 40-80 times a day depending on age. Think about how many other mindful things we could accomplish if we focused that time elsewhere. Turning off all our notifications now.

Did Someone Say Puppies? (Guest Of A Guest)

By year end, Boris and Horton will open up an eatery in New York City as a puppy cafe. While many restaurants frown upon animals dining-in, this is one that opens their (doggy) door to all pups. With an assortment of food and beverages they will also have a doggy lounge area and wait for it...a photo booth. BRB going to pick up our CMO to make a trip!

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover