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#FreshFriday // June 16

Our 'Do Not Disturb' hats are now on. Did anyone else feel like this week just zoomed by? Let's put the Yay in FriYAY by reviewing some of this week's coolest stories. Swedish Olympic Team Helps Design New Sustainable Athletic Line (Popsugar)

Ok, we all know that H&M can be is a little overwhelming, but we can't wait to get our hands on this chic new athletic line, co-designed by the Swedish Olympic team. #ForEveryVictory will hit stores July 21 and is made out of recycled polyester which makes it both sustainable and stylish. #GoodTrend

Global Warming Wipes Out An Entire Species (The Guardian)

Human-induced climate change seems to be the main cause for the extinction of a small rodent on Great Barrier Island in Australia. Researchers are saying that the root cause is rising sea levels causing their environment to become inhabitable. This is the first mammal species to be completely wiped out by this phenomenon. Let it be the last. #BadTrend

Are You In Gryffindor Or Hiddleswift? (Popsugar)

For those who were off the grid for a summer vacay and don't know, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up a few weeks back. The internet went into a complete frenzy on Wednesday when pictures emerged of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston getting rather touchy feely on Rhode Island. So who is this Tom Hiddleston you may ask? Follow the link above to find out everything you need to know about Taylor's new squeeze.

Your Avocado Toast Game Is About To Completely Change (Well+Good)

Sit back and prepare to be exposed to your new fave breakfast (and lunch and dinner). People on the internet are going crazy over this 'sweet potato as toast' craze. We tried it we're addicted. Check out the link above for some "sweet" recipes.

Peace + love!

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