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#FreshFriday // June 2

Happy Friday! Team clover is so excited it’s June for the longer days, more beach time and some exciting client trips coming up, just to name a few. We have some serious R&R planned after the holiday last weekend but we couldn’t forget to share our #FreshFriday picks for the week first. Enjoy! Cool For The Summer (Well+Good)

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to take our workouts outside for the sunshine, pretty views and… sweat? Gross. MIT and New Balance are working together to create what they hope to be the most breathable activewear ever. They are using advanced technology and live microbial cells that react to sweat and open small scale-like flaps in the clothing for breathability. So far there are only prototypes of this self-ventilating shirt but they have already come up with other concepts including aroma-sensitive and light up cells in response to humidity. I think it’s safe to say we will see this come to fruition.

Going, Going, Green! (New York Times)

A number of researchers and entrepreneurs are working to turn food waste into food packaging to reduce waste altogether. Their plan? Use foods such as tomato peels, mushrooms, kelp, and milk as replacements for plastics, coating and other packaging materials. A growing number of companies, governments, and consumers are also making an effort to reduce waste by creating more biodegradable products. Happy to be a part of a  greener day and age. Especially on the heels of this news.  

Baring It All For The Cause (Refinery29)

This week we were shocked when we opened our browsers and saw that Lush Cosmetics employees were photographed at their store's butt naked in their aprons. The company and their employees willingly took to the streets of NYC to take a stand against unnecessary packaging. Like their products, they went naked and natural to make a statement about how over packaging has become a problem and Lush is one of many companies selling product with little to no packaging. We’re all for a good cause but I think we’re going to keep our clothes on support with a future Lush purchase instead.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Avocado? (Grub Street)

How many times have your avocados gone brown before you could eat them? Spoiler:  all the time. Recently our favorite grocer, Trader Joe’s, introduced the world’s smallest avocado. Coming six to a bag and labeled ‘Teeny Tiny Avocados’ the yummy little treats were made to be a single portion to avoid having to save the other half that always goes bad before you need it. Thank you, Trader Joe’s for giving us our teeny friends and letting us eat them all too.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover