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#FreshFriday // March 2

When it's been a busy week and Friday legit feels like going to the stars (with Leo...). Happy Weekend! Hope you've enjoyed your first few days of sunny March. Get relaxing with these herbs to stimulate happiness, March's new Netflix arrivals and this week's #FreshFriday. You Could Be Going To The Moon! (SpaceX)

Ok, so we have wanted to go to the moon (or the stars) ever since we were old enough to know what they were. Obstacles such as transportation, oxygen and price have always stood in the way. That is all about to change, earthlings. SpaceX will be flying 2 private citizens around the moon sometime next year in their 'Dragon 2', which was in-fact designed for 'regular' human transportation (i.e not astronauts). We're not sure the price tag on this mission yet and we can assume it would be a hefty one, however, this is so exciting. Next stop...Mars?

Time For More Beach Clean-Ups (Vice)

#ThisMeansWar- Head of the UN Environment has released a statement that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea and 500x more microplastic particles than there are stars in our galaxy. Many countries are taking dramatic leaps in order to combat this, such as plastic bag laws and better waste management, but it's a real lifestyle change that people must adopt. Check out what you can be doing, today! #TheTimeIsNow

Pass The Wine-Infused Coffee (Well+Good)

This is not a drill, wine-infused coffee is in fact here and we are so happy to say that we were alive when this fabulous collab happened. Peets Coffee + Molinary Private Reserve have come together to bring us the creation we never knew we needed. This work of art has taken around 2 years to perfect AND boasts an incredible amount of antioxidants. You can buy it online HERE.

xx, team clover