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#FreshFriday // March 31

This weather is giving us all them spring feels, plus it's Friday so we're pulling out all our cropped leggings and getting outside this weekend. Whether it's for a run on the beach or to try the newest lemonades from Pressed Juicery, it's time to decompress... but not without out the latest #FreshFriday Keep The Good Times Rolling (Marketing Land )

Twitter wins our praise this week for understanding the necessity to express ourselves in more than 140 characters while conversat-ing across the Twittersphere. The update gives us much more control, which means we can 'reply' to someone without writing their handle AKA more room to type. They also recently eliminated character limits for photos, videos, and quotes. What's next!? Personally pushing for the Instagram share feature.

Walk, Stretch Or Dance? (Frontier)

As we age so do our brains (or not, if we are Dave Asprey). We need to keep active to keep them in shape, as we do our booties. A new study has found that older adults who work out in the form of dance have a higher amount of white matter (which is what you tend to lose as you age). We don't want to bore you with what white matter is, as the only thing that really matters right now is getting a drink in our hand and dancing to some 90's RnB.

A Passion For Fashion (NPR)

Nothing beats a rockin outfit to really get you on top of your game, #AMIRITE? So naturally, when you are fighting an illness, it would help to still feel beautiful in every way possible. One woman took her creative skills and put them towards a beautiful cause after watching her Mother's cancer battle (+ ugly hospital outfit battle). Her line is for people going through treatment, and hopes to allow people to keep a little bit of their style with them during this tough time.

Have the best weekend!

xx, team clover