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It’s Friday and it’s time to get your shine on. We are prepping for Thanksgiving festivities with family and friends this weekend. We also included some pointers we’re using for the holiday on this weeks #FreshFriday below. Healthy Holiday (SELF)

With Thanksgiving coming next week us #fitchicks are working on our menus and how to make them more healthy. From brussel sprout sliders and cranberry avocado salsa for appetizers, this roundup includes 31 ways to incorporate more superfoods into your meal. Some of our favs starting with sides are the roasted butternut squash with smoked paprika and turmeric, lemon ginger apple cider for drinks (maybe with a splash of Tito's) and pomegranate and chocolate shortbread tart for dessert. What are you going to try?

If You Can’t Fix It, Smudge It (Well+Good)

If you know anything about wellness chances are you have a smudge stick hidden in a cupboard in your home and now you might end up seeing the same ingredients show up in your favorite skin care products. All of the ingredients you can find in your smudge stick including herbs like sage, cedar, juniper, sweetgrass, and palo santo are all anti-inflammatory and have antimicrobial properties, plus they’re filled with antioxidants. Now your skin care habits can be turned into cleansing rituals with products from Fig + Yarrow, Juniper Ridge, or Skin Owl.

#SafetyFirst (The Cut)

Living in Los Angeles comes with a lot of sun exposure all year long and despite our #selfcare efforts, melanoma the greatest form of skin cancer is still rising. A new technology, The sKan, developed by students, detects early stages of infected cells and the best part of all is The sKan is non-invasive and affordable compared to others in the same arena. The four students were recognized by James Dyson of Dyson for their innovation and although the sKan is not in our doctor's offices yet it is promising and on its way.

YES (Popsugar Australia)

What an exciting week for our friends down under. More than 61 percent of the population in Australia voted yes this week in favor of same-sex marriage! As one of the biggest modern topics of debate the country has seen, they are now one step closer to the dozens of countries where same-sex marriage is legal. It was just two short years ago since we voted Yes for our country and we are happy to see the progress following.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover