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#FreshFriday // September 30

If Friday had a face we would kiss it! Wow, it's been a hot one this week in Los Angeles! Before you run out of work and escape into the weekend, check out this week's #FreshFriday and get caught up on some of the stories we loved this week. Stress May Counteract Your Healthy Diet Completely (NY Times)

Think your 'healthy' diet is working wonders in your super-stressful life? Think again. New studies have shown that people who live with high amounts of stress are causing more harm on their metabolisms than ever seen before. Let's take this weekend to rewind and recharge - our bodies are our homes after all. Here are some great ways to catch up on energy that don't have anything to do with sleep.

Who Runs The World? Girls (NY Mag)

It's been a pretty #GirlPower week... just the way we like it. Just days after delivering an Oscar-winning speech at the UN, Emma Watson tweeted out a video of woman jumping over hurdles while Sia's 'Chandelier' plays in the background. The inspiring video, Hurdles, was made to promote gender equality and raise awareness towards global goals. In other news, this week has also left us wondering if Lena Dunham ever sleeps? The total badass has just launched a sneaker line, for 'cool' girls. The profits will go towards Young Woman Empowered, a non-profit that helps women from diverse backgrounds explore their creativity and leadership.

Do Like The French Do (QZ)

2020 will be a good year. Not because Kanye will be running for president but because France has just passed a bill that is going to ban plastic cutlery, plates, and plates in a bid to save our planet. The human use of plastic has become so obscene that scientists are predicting by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish (NOT OKAY). Hopefully, other countries can start jumping on this bandwagon too, but until then, we can minimize plastic use in our everyday life by doing these easy tips.

Have a great weekend! xx, team clover