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Take It Outside

You step outside and a cool breeze nuzzles up against you as the warmth from the sun kisses the tops of your shoulders. In the distance, you hear the sound of birds chirping as you notice colorful flowers blooming nearby. If you haven’t already noticed, springtime is here! The world is changing around you, so why are you stuck inside with your old, boring routine? It's time to literally spring forward and take advantage of the great outdoors. Work on your green thumb

Healthy living begins with they way you think about eating healthy foods. Starting a garden, for example, is a great way to lower the cost of your groceries, be more environmentally friendly, and gives you the opportunity to connect with your family and nature. Learn more here about how to start a garden and begin making your meals at home more interesting with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Soak up the sun

Treat yourself to a little bit more vitamin D by soaking up the sun and take the time to enjoy some fresh air. Exercising outdoors actually boosts mental health and lowers stress. In a 2008 Scottish Health Survey, it was found that outdoor physical activity had a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than going to the gym. Run on the beach, go hiking through the mountains, or even engage in some morning yoga at a nearby park - nothing says “Namaste” more than watching the sun rise as you complete your morning yoga in a lotus pose.

Mix it up

Are you normally a treadmill runner? Sign up for a 5K with a friend and explore the difference of outdoor running. Used to your same stationary bike in the front left corner of your cycle studio? Rent a bike and map a fun ride along local bike paths. Take advantage of a scenic view and nourish your body and soul by taking your routine outside. You don’t have to do it alone, though. Activities outdoors are even better when others participate with you!